Heya, my name is Caleb and I make music and draw and pretend like I can use Flash. Actually I probably could if I used it every once in a while. But I hope that someday I will get down to business and make some good animations and stuff. Enjoy!

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Back from Japan and Korea, doing more music.

Posted by Cayler - February 14th, 2009

So I'm back from Japan and South Korea, I've been back since Jan 11th. The pic I included is a soda that my friend bought while we were there and I obviously had to take a picture. On the other side of the can is Sephiroth too. It was a great trip. I'll be going back to teach English in 2010 if things go as planned. As for my music, I have so many very good songs just standing at the finish line waiting to be completed and posted here on Newgrounds. I can't wait to get them done, except school is stealing all my free time so it's hard to get stuff done like this. But I'll be breaking from college for a while to get some money and also work on music to see where that takes me. If I can make it in any career related to music, I'll definitely do it and change all my plans of going to Japan before finishing my degree. So for those of you who are fans of my work, this summer should be the time to watch for new music coming from me, cause I'll be working on music like never before, completing my album and even doing music videos and stuff. It's gonna be great.

I have started a new blog to summarize all the music and other things I do here

Back from Japan and Korea, doing more music.


Great to hear your back.

Look forward to seeing more of your work. I hope you get some time to make another JapaneseLesson flash though. :)

I do too. That's something I've been trying to get accomplished for so long, but it requires a lot more planning than my music does because I have to decide how I'm gonna do it before I even start. But once I'm no longer hounded by school I should have plenty of time to make another one ( a much better one this time)

That's a really cool design for a can. Glad you're back, and I am eager to hear what's soon to come out from you.

Yes it is a cool design for a can, the drink itself is actually a SquareEnix product, so it's not just like a regular coke with a neat can, it's actually a different flavor too, still carbonated though.