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Posted by Cayler - March 22nd, 2009

Hey everybody, I've been getting into the collaborating mood lately. There are several artists with whom I am currently entangled with collaborations, and one with whom I just completed a collaborated piece. The recently finished song is an 8bit version of my original work, Never The Same. The artist who made the 8bit was Exactly33. You should check out the other works by this great NG 8bit artist. The collaboration can be listened to here.
As for the other collabs currently in the making, those are secrets which will reveal themselves in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for those, for they will arrive on NG very soon.
-Brief Hint- One of them is actually a vocal performance duet, but I can't say more than that! It's a secret!! ;]

Update: Sorry I forgot to mention this when I first posted this, but I regret to inform you all that I will no longer be posting any new original pieces to NG. I will continue posting covers and collabs, but I can't afford to post original material anymore. When I made the decision to post initially, I was hoping for some good feedback, which I got immediately. Two consecutive songs of mine made front page, first 7th place then 2nd (Fall and All The Music). However, because of all that promotion, I attracted a lot of unwanted attention from the league of zero bombers. It became impossible for me to reach front page, no matter how high any subsequent song was voted by the competent public.

Only Heart was the next song to follow which received stunningly positive reviews, but couldn't maintain a high score. After 40 reviews, the average review score was 10/10 all perfect, but the voted score was the lowest of all my submissions (that required a lot of zero bombers). The song was incredibly viral receiving several thousand plays by word of mouth transfer alone and popping up in numerous youtube videos, facebook and myspace profiles, and a flash game on NG, but never made it to front page. I continued posting new pieces hoping that another one could reach front page or even the top 5, but it never happened.

I recently posted a remake of an original piece and watched closely how the score changed over time, and by doing this it became clear to me that my songs had all the potential needed but also a very large number of jealous enemies, or just plain retards. The voters gave nothing but 5's and the moment the rank was displayed for my song, it was set at #6 all ready for the front page. But I continued watching and sure enough within a few hours the score began to drop drastically from numerous votes without a single review given to explain why, and by the next morning my song was ranked somewhere in the 14,000s. Not only that song got mutilated, but my others did too. All four recent songs displayed on my page received just as much zeros and dropped lower than any other song I've ever posted to NG.

But I'm not complaining, I've had plenty of exposure here on NG and I'm thankful to those who appreciate my work, but when I post new material I'm losing some important rights to the music that could cost me a lot of time, effort, and even potential revenue. Had my works gotten exposure on this site, it would have been worth it to post them. But now I'm too far behind to make up for what I've lost here, so I can't afford to post new material anymore. If things had been different then I could have continued to post, but this is just the way the cookie crumbled.

But if you still want to hear my future work, I will be posting updates about my progress and links to places where you can still find the music to listen to. Once I get the album complete, I will do everything I can to put all the tracks up on iTunes so you can keep up that way.

This isn't good bye, but more of a limited access situation. But still it feels a little sad that I can't share everything with you guys anymore.

Links to other sites with my work:
My Blog


Yay! :P

Thanks Cayler, your work is amazing.

cool ill check it out.

F*ck the jealous zero bombers! You know you are the best!
Keep it up, i love your works bro, and i want to hear more stuff from you.
If you keep posting links on the blog i'll add your blog to RSS feeds or wtf is it (:

Music for ever, right? ;)