Entry #17

Comin' Up

2011-07-05 01:21:54 by Cayler

It has been a looong time since I made a news post.
I just want to keep up with NG and help NG keep up with me. So I've been doing some more music stuff this summer and putting more effort into updating the online resources for my work.

In January this year, I sent out PMs to those who had fav'ed me here on NG letting you guys know that I was starting a mailing list and once I had a decent number of replies I went ahead and started it. If you missed it or are hearing for the first time now about it, just send an email to calebharveyfanmail@yahoo.com to get on the list.

I have many many songs ready for your ears to hear that I haven't posted to NG yet, so if you've been enjoying my past music then I recommend you join the mailing list, and I will also send out things to subscribers that I wouldn't post anywhere else. In other words, ** Exclusive Club Membership Benefits!!** hehe

As always, check me out on iTunes under the name "Caleb Harvey". I've only got one single up for now called "Never the Same" but I will have an album eventually. Join the mailing list if you want to be notified as soon as the album comes out. :)

Thank you all for the positive feedback I've gotten on NG and iTunes. It's because of you that I keep going.

Thanks for reading!!!

Links to other sites with my work:


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