Heya, my name is Caleb and I make music and draw and pretend like I can use Flash. Actually I probably could if I used it every once in a while. But I hope that someday I will get down to business and make some good animations and stuff. Enjoy!

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Great Music Reviews Everybody!! I love you all!!!!!

Posted by Cayler - March 12th, 2008

The last post I had on here was from October and now I'm finally posting again. My music had gotten some pretty good reviews and I'm thankful to all those who took the time to write. Thank you all!!! I have alot of music still in the making and most of what I've posted still needs to be redone. Recently I've been busy with other things in life so I haven't gotten a whole heck of alot of music or flash animating done but there has been some progress nevertheless. Right now I'm on Spring Break, not in Cancun or anything, just out of school. I've only gone somewhere for Spring Break once in my life and it was the a campground about 2 hours from where I live. But I don't really mind because getting free time to work on music and art is my most favorite thing. Plus, getting time off from Purdue University is always worth a fortune!!!! lol Because everybody knows they won't close school for nothin'. Even if Hurricane Katrina had hit Purdue, they still would have stayed open. But yeah, I had planned on getting much more music done by now, I wanted to get a whole album done by 2008, but here we are in 2008 with no complete album. But it'll get done someday, I promise.

-Update----- Holy cow. I just looked at the audio portal for fun to see what's new, and my song Fall is number seven in the all time best category. I can't believe it. Thank you to everybody who voted and listened!!!!! This is a happy day for me :D

- 2nd Update------ Amazing. Thankyou soo much if you've voted on my music. My song "~All The Music~" just got 2nd place in the all time best category. I really do love you all for making me feel so special. :D :D :D


Welcome back then! Lots o good news. :)

Lots and lots o' good news. haha :)

wOOt for ur good music ^^ i hope u can make an album soon i would love to get it :D

I've been going slower and slower with producing it recently, but thanks to comments like yours I've had more of a reason to pick up the pace. Thanks so much for boosting my confidence :)

thats good to hier :) And congratulations

Thank you! ^_^

OMG you'll make me go mad if it takes longer than a month to change ~All The Music~, ill forgive you though if you come out with a differnt peice, so far they've all been good :)

Actually, I have at least 5 more that are right on the edge of being done but I just need to get through the final stretch and I'm just being too lazy!! Ugh!!