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Awesome music

Awesome. This game is pretty fun but I die pretty quickly. lol You chose some excellent music for it and my fav is 'All the Music'. lol Thanks for putting it in there. :)

Pretty kool

I liked it mostly, but then I walked over the wall to the left and fell to eternity. That's what people in the game business like to refer to as an unfixed bug.


Pretty darn good, but the invincibility after being hit doesn't last long enough. Also the proximity at which you are hit by enemies is too sensitive. Fix those two things and it will seem a lot more professionally tweaked.


Good game, but on the second level I got to a part that was impossible.

Pretty sweet

I played it for quite a while. I liked how you had Puff the Magic dragon in there with Honah Lee. :)

great game

Coulda been better if it was actually beatable though...


It's not as long as a full fledged game, but since it's a free online flash, I don't expect that. It's an excellent game for being as short as it is. And the puzzles are great, so it can keep someone's attention for a quite a while. I'm very happy to hear how Only Heart was used, and glad my song could help. :) I only wish I had mastered it better to add to the affect of the game.

good and kool

It was visual well made and looked like alot of effort, but there were some issues that kept me from continuing once I died. but 5 and 10.


It looked good and was entertaining enough, but for someone on a laptop, it's impossible to use the second character.


Wow, the guy bfore me who said that peanut was a noun in the case of peanut butter is a moron. I can take an easy guess who failed/fails English grammar everyday. But I did notice that you had 'search' labeled as a verb which it normally would be, but it was in the case of a prepositional phrase. "In search of" and I don't believe that this instance of search would be a verb... it seems like just a noun. However I might be wrong. It couldn't be a gerund because it doesn't end in 'ing'.... if you can, could you please respond to me with the right answer and a explanation of it. Thanx :) -5- and -10-

Heya, my name is Caleb and I make music and draw and pretend like I can use Flash. Actually I probably could if I used it every once in a while. But I hope that someday I will get down to business and make some good animations and stuff. Enjoy!

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