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Wow, absolutely gorgeous art. I am in awe.


It was simple but funny. And I enjoyed it because it was full of humor that I prefer to see in flashes. Thanks for making it :)

drodZILiA responds:

Your welcome good sir.


I'm so glad you killed Lady Gaga. Ugly untalented people are not supposed to be famous, it's just wrong. And the guy a few posts before me, Registar, is also a loser who deserves to be in a casket probably more than Lady Gaga. And like the post from JazzRipple, I to would love to voice act in one of your animations if you needed me too. I've got really good recording hardware. :) Awesome animation! :D


Amazing. I have such aspirations to animate, but I never have the time to devote to flash. Seeing yours makes me want to try my own hand even more because you're so good at it, it makes me want to try to be that good too. lol


It had a lot of artistic feeling to it. Even though it was short and plotless, I easily enjoyed the small amount there was. If this was a full plot and purpose piece, I could easily sit and watch all of it just for the art. Very creative. :)

willyo11 responds:

youre the only one that understands me


Good job. It didn't flow amazingly, but I could tell you still put in a lot of planning and effort so a 10 for you. :) I could also tell that the music you used at the very end was the theme at the end of Sonic and Knuckles played backwards. :P

AntoonCartoons responds:

yep you noticed


Ganbare so ganbare, akiramenaide!!!!!! I'm glad you used the music, I always love hearing it. :)


These are so funny, I think I would love to see a Mastermind video game if the humor was still intact. It's like South Park or Family Guy, I can always expect to lol at least once during each episode.


Very well animated, good concept too. But the voices that you made yourself sounded far from the originals. When they make the actual episodes, they raise their regular voices with sound editors. You should have done the same and it would have sounded a lot better.

Really? No, REALLY?

Animation was fine and it was all in good humor for those who want to see that kind. Great animation. But what I can't believe is the stuff people are saying in their reviews. Do people actually assume that pigs had anything to do with it? Little known fact: It's called swine flu because the particular virus was first discovered in a pig back in the 1930's. There's absolutely no connection between pigs and this current flu. People really need to start learning things.

Heya, my name is Caleb and I make music and draw and pretend like I can use Flash. Actually I probably could if I used it every once in a while. But I hope that someday I will get down to business and make some good animations and stuff. Enjoy!

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